Airey House (Designated Defective)

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Airey House (Designated Defective)

Two storey semi-detached houses, external walls originally of exposed aggregate PRC panels with vertical concrete posts.

Repair system – removal or making redundant the concrete posts, replacing with Thermolite block, insulation and a brick outer skin.

PRC Certificate for Airey Houses

Between 1945 and 1955 over 26,000 Airey houses were built in England and Wales by different local authorities to fulfill the shortage of social housing. Airey houses were the first type of PRC house to be designated defective, the majority of these houses have now had PRC structural refurbishment works carried out by local authorities and owner-occupiers.

The most popular system of the repair for Airey houses is called the “Leeds system” this is where specially designed concrete blocks are put between the concrete post to render the concrete posts redundant. Another popular system of repair carried out by local authorities is where the concrete post was removed and replaced with steel posts.

Mortgage lenders today will ask to see a copy of the PRC certificate before they will consider lending on this type of property. If the property was repaired whilst in council ownership, you will find that no certificate is place. To address this, following a satisfactory inspection of the property we will be able to issue the PRC Certificate retrospectively.

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