Buying and Selling PRC houses

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Mortgage lenders today will not offer mortgages against pre-reinforced concrete (PRC) houses unless the appropriate PRC certificate is in place

, confirming that the property has had a recognised structural repair scheme carried out.

Over the last thirty years, many local councils have had the structural works carried out on their stock of PRC houses but unfortunately, the PRC certificates were not issued as the local councils had no need to put PRC certificates on their own stock of houses.
Buying and Selling PRC houses
If you had purchased a PRC house before 1985 you would have been offered a grant to have the required structural works carried out. At the end of the works or rebuild the builder would collect any contributions which were agreed upon and leave the homeowner with a pack that contained the PRC certificate. In some cases these packs were overlooked resulting in the homeowner not receiving the very important PRC certificate.

Replacement PRC Certificate

If the PRC Certificate is missing for a property you are looking to buy or sell, we can arrange for a retrospective PRC certificate to be issued. Retrospective PRC Certificates are a standard worded document, the wording was agreed with the council of mortgage lenders and this is the format/wording mortgage lenders expect to see.

How to arrange a Replacement PRC Certificate

Step 1. Call or email us with the details of the property.

Step 2. We will carry out a background check on the property.

Step 3. We will contact and update you on our initial findings.

Step 4. Arrange for one of our engineers to inspect the property.

Step 5. Issue the appropriate certificate for the repair scheme carried out.

To start the process please call us on 01384 258498.