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PRC certificates and mortgage lenders

All mortgage lenders have their own criteria when it comes to lending on PRC houses. Mortgage lenders today will not lend on a repaired PRC houses unless a PRC certificate or a retrospective PRC certificate is in place. Read more

Buying and Selling PRC houses

Mortgage lenders today will not offer mortgages against pre-reinforced concrete (PRC) houses unless the appropriate PRC certificate is in place Read more

What is a PRC Certificate and do I need one for my house?

If you are trying to buy or sell a PRC house you will need to have the appropriate PRC certificate in place. Read more

What is a PRC Certificate?

A PRC Certificate is confirmation of the repair system which has been carried out on a PRC house. Mortgage Lenders will not lend on PRC Houses today without a PRC Certificate in place. Read more

Retrospective PRC Certificates for Mortgages

Mortgage Lender Approved PRC Licensed Repair Systems

There are a large number of PRC houses which have had the appropriate rebuild works carried out by local authorities but unfortunately the PRC Certificates for these houses were never issued due to the properties been in council ownership at the time of repair. Read more