Cornish House type II (Designated Defective)

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There were approximately 30,000 Cornish type I & Type II houses built in England and Wales between 1954 and the mid 1960s. A significant number of these houses have now had the PRC structural refurbishment works carried out.

Cornish House PRC Certificate

To be able to obtain a mortgage on one of these properties the lender will ask to see a copy of the PRC Certificate. If the property was repaired whilst in local authority ownership there will not be a certificate in place. To overcome this, we are able to issue the PRC certificate retrospectively. This will involve an engineer visiting the property and carrying out an inspection of the structural works carried out. Following a satisfactory inspection, we will be able to issue a Retrospective PRC Completion Certificate for the property, for more information please check out our frequently asked questions page.

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Example Cornish House type II property
Two storey, semi detached house, external walls of storey height PRC columns and horizontal PC panels.
Repair system (brief description) – removal of the three external concrete walls replacing with Thermolite block, insulation, and a brick outer skin.