Mortgage Lender Approved PRC Licensed Repair Systems

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Mortgage Lender Approved PRC Licensed Repair Systems

There are different PRC repair systems which are available for pre reinforced concrete houses and you need to insure that the repair system you are having carried out on your property is recognised by high street mortgage lenders or you may be wasting your money. We will only carry out PRC Licensed Repair systems which are recognised by high street mortgage lenders.

We will arrange everything for your PRC rebuild, we will complete all the necessary paperwork and obtain the necessary permissions from your local authority. The whole process will be discussed in detail with you. You will have the option to choose the type and colour of bricks for your PRC repair as well as new windows and doors. All building work will be overseen by an independent engineer. The majority of the PRC repairs we carry out you will not have to leave your home whilst the repairs are under way. At the end of your PRC repair we will issue you with PRC completion certificate, a certificate of completion from Building Control.

Once a PRC repair has been carried out you will find that your home will be a lot warmer and more energy efficient and most of all, your house will look outstanding in your street.

Our building team as over 20 years of experience in rebuilding PRC houses. We encourage our new clients to visit and speak to clients who have had PRC rebuilds carried out previously with ourselves as we believe this is the best form of recommendation and gives our new clients peace of mind that they have chosen the right builder to carry out their PRC project.

Please visit our dedicated website for PRC rebuilds at page to see examples of our workmanship.

The popular types of PRC houses are Airey House, Cornish House, Unity House, Wates House, Woolaway House, Reema House.