PRC Certificates

For everything you need to know about PRC Certificates, Replacement PRC Certificates and Certificates for PRC Properties please read our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PRC certificate?
A PRC certificate is confirmation of the repair system which has been carried out on a Pre-Reinforced Concrete (PRC) house.
Why do I need a PRC Certificate?
Unless the appropriate PRC Certificate is in place a mortgage lender will not consider offering a mortgage against a repaired PRC house.
How do I obtain a replacement PRC certificate?
Step 1. Call us with the property details.
Step 2. We will complete a background check on the property.
Step 3. Report back to you with our initial findings.
Step 4. Arrange for an engineer to inspect the property.
Step 5. Issue certificate.
What is a retrospective PRC certificate?
A retrospective PRC certificate is an after works certificate which mortgage lender will accept for mortgage lending on repaired PRC houses. Mortgage lenders understand that over time the original certificates may have been lost, misplaced or never issued and will accept retrospective PRC certificates.

Is there a database for PRC houses?
We have specialising in PRC houses for the last thirty years we have built up a data base of houses which have been repaired my owners and local councils. Please call us and we would be happy to check the back ground of your property.
My house has been repaired and there’s no PRC certificate?
Available today are Retrospective PRC certificates, a retrospective PRC certificate is an after works certificate which mortgage lender accept for mortgage lending on PRC houses which have had the repair works carried out.
Will Banks and Building Societies offer mortgages without a PRC certificate?
High street banks and building societies will not offer mortgages or loans on repaired PRC houses unless the appropriate PRC Certificate or Retrospective PRC Certificate is in place.
Who are PRC Homes Ltd?
PRC Homes was set up in 1985 to approve and license repair schemes for houses designated defective under the 1985 housing act. PRC Homes Ltd was a subsidiary of the NHBC.
Are PRC Homes Ltd still trading?
PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading in approximately 1998.
My lender has requested a PRC Homes certificate?
PRC homes Ltd is no longer trading and replacement certificates are not available. In the absence of the original PRC Homes Ltd PRC certificate or a copy, we can arrange for a Retrospective PRC Certificate to be issued.
What is a PRC house?
After the second world war there was a shortage of housing, Pre-Reinforced Concrete (PRC) houses also known as prefabs were designed and built to overcome this shortage.
Why are PRC houses classed as defective?
Detrimental chloride levels were found in the pre-reinforced concrete walls which can lead to the corrosion of the steel supports within the concrete which could affect the structural stability of the house.
What are the most common PRC house type construction?
Airey, Cornish, Unity, Wates, Reema, Hawksley, Boot, Orlit, Smiths and Parkinson.
Is there a list of PRC houses which are designated defective?
We have a list on our website, please click on the link.