Reema Hollow Panel House (Designated Defective)

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Reema Hollow Panel House (Designated Defective)

Bungalows, and two storey, semi detached and terraced houses, external walls of storey height exposed aggregate PC panels and storey height PRC panels.

Repair system (brief description) – treat concrete panels, insulation with a brick outerskin.

Reema Hollow Panel PRC Houses

Between 1945 and 1966 over 17,600 Reema Hollow Panel houses were built. Unfortunately, Reema Hollow panel houses were deemed defective in 1985. A house type which is deemed defective is not mortgageable. There are two recognised repair systems for Reema Hollow Panel houses, on completion of one of these repair systems the property will be able to attract mortgage lending.

Some of the problems which arose with Reema Hollow panels were carbonation and high chloride levels in hollow panels, cracked and spalled windows, door reveals and sills, cracked floor beams and pointing on panel joints.

If you would like more information about the repair systems available for Reema Hollow panel houses please call us on 01384 258498.

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