Unity House (Designated Defective)

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Unity House (Designated Defective)

Bungalows, and two storey semi detached and terraced houses, external walls of stack bonded PC panels with storey height PRC columns. Repair system (brief description) – removal of the three external concrete walls replacing with Thermolite block, insulation, and a brick outer skin.

PRC Certificate for Unity PRC House

In the 1950’s over 19,000 Unity houses were built in England and Wales to address the shortage of social housing. In the mid-eighties, this type of construction were classed as defective which made this and other types of PRC construction unmortgageable.

Under the guidance of PRC Homes Ltd PRC licence, repairs were put in place which essentially involved the rebuilding the three external walls in traditional block and brick. On completion of the PRC works a PRC Completion Certificate would have been issued which allowed the owner and any subsequent owners to obtain a mortgage on the property.

Over time many of these certificates have been missed placed and lost and if the property was in local authority ownership at the time of repair the PRC certificate would not have been issued. Replacement PRC Certificates can be issued, this will involve an engineer visiting and inspecting the property.

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