Wates House (Designated Defective)

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Wates House (Designated Defective)

Wates PRC Houses – Two storey semi detached and terraced houses, external walls of storey height, PRC panels throughout. Repair system (brief description) – removal of the three external concrete walls replacing with Thermolite block, insulation, and a brick outer skin.

PRC Certificate for Wates Houses

Over 22,000 Wates concrete houses were built in and around the UK between 1947 and 1956 to address the need for council housing. In approximately 1985 this type of construction was classed as defective due to how the property were constructed. To obtain a mortgage on a Wates house a recognised PRC repair system needs to have been carried out and a PRC certificate needs to be in place confirming the method of repair.

Unfortunately, over time many of the original PRC certificates have been misplaced. A Mortgage lender will not offer a mortgage on this type and other types of PRC houses without seeing a copy of the certificate and confirming the repair system undertaken meets their criteria.

If the PRC certificate is missing for the property you are looking to buy or sell a replacement certificate can be arranged, please see the steps on how to obtain a Retrospective PRC certificate.

Step 1. Call us with the property details.
Step 2. We will complete a background check on the property.
Step 3. Report back to you with our initial findings.
Step 4. Arrange for an engineer to inspect the property.
Step 5. Issue certificate.

For more information please call us on, 01384 258498

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