What is a PRC Certificate and do I need one for my house?

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If you are trying to buy or sell a PRC house you will need to have the appropriate PRC certificate in place.

PRC Certificates are confirmation of the repair system carried out, if your house has not been repaired unfortunately you will not be able to have a PRC certificate for the property. The most common PRC house types are Airey, Cornish, Unity, Wates, there are many other types of PRC construction around the UK.

PRC houses were built just after the war when there was a need for quick and affordable houses. Unfortunately, in the early eighties, PRC houses started to show signs of concrete deterioration which led to PRC houses been classed as defective.

Repair systems were put in place to repair PRC houses, mortgage lenders today will not lend on PRC houses unless a PRC certificate is in place confirming the repair system which has been carried out. All mortgage lenders have their own criteria when it comes to lending on non-traditional and PRC houses.

A mortgage lender may ask to see a PRC Homes Certificate, this is the same as a PRC certificate. PRC Homes certificates were issued to PRC homeowners who were given a grant to have the PRC works carried out on their houses between 1986 and 1994. Please note the original PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading in approximately 1998.

Many local authorities in England and Wales in the mid-eighties repaired their stock of PRC houses, as these houses were local authority-owned the councils had no need to put PRC certification in place.

If there is not a PRC certificate in place for the house you are trying to sell or buy the solution is having the certificate issued retrospectively.

Please find below the steps to obtain a retrospective PRC certificate?

Step 1. Call us with the details of the property.
Step 2. We will check out database and complete a background check on the house.
Step 3. Report back to you with our initial findings and thoughts.
Step 4. Arrange for an engineer to visit and inspect the property.
Step 5. On completion of a satisfactory inspection, Issue certificate.

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