What is a PRC Certificate?

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A PRC Certificate is confirmation of the repair system which has been carried out on a PRC house. Mortgage Lenders will not lend on PRC Houses today without a PRC Certificate in place.

A PRC Certificate is only available to houses which have had structural works carried out. There are different methods of repairing PRC houses, all mortgages lenders have their own criteria when it comes to lending on these houses.

Many of these houses were repaired over 30 years ago and in a lot of cases the PRC certificate were never put in place especially for houses which where repaired by local authorities.

Why is a PRC Certificate so important?

Are you buying or selling a house and the PRC certificate is missing or never put in place, please do not worry, we can arrange for a retrospective PRC certificate to be issued. Retrospective PRC certificates are recognised and accepted by high street banks and building societies for mortgage lending on PRC houses.

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